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Miney_on_red_couchWho is Tiny Miney? Miney (short for Hermione) is a miniature Yorkshire Terrier who now lives in Pittsburgh with her owner, Tim. You can find out more about her and also see some of her puppies on Miney’s Blog on this website.

The Tiny Miney site is devoted to all things having to do with small dogs, whether they are purebred or not. It features products that are especially suitable for the top small dogs listed below. Check out our dog clothes, costumes, and other doggie accessories!

The 20 Most Popular Small Dog (Toy) Breeds 12 Pounds and Under



Brussels-Griffon-2 Chihuahua-2 Chinese-Crested-2
Affenpinscher Bichon-Frise Brussells-Griffon Chihuahua Chinese Crested
Coton-De-Tulear-2 Havanese-2 Italian-Greyhound-2 Japanese-Chin-2 Maltese-2
Coton-de-Tulear  Havanese  Italian Greyhound  Japanese Chin  Maltese
Miniature-Pinscher-2 Papillon-dog-2 Pekingese Pomeranian Poodle
Miniature Pinscher  Papillon  Pekingese  Pomeranian  Poodle
Pug Shih-Tzu Toy-American-Eskimo-Dog Toy-Fox-Terrier Yorkshire-Terrier
 Pug  Shih Tzu  Toy Eskimo  Toy Fox Terrier  Yorkshire Terrier
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