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Who is Tiny Miney? Miney (short for Hermione) is a miniature Yorkshire Terrier who was born in Florida. She was named after Hermione Grainger, famous heroine of the Harry Potter series.

Miney grew up and spent the first four years of her life with her beloved mini-yorkie friend Sirius. (Sirius’ real name was Sirius Black, named after Harry’s godfather in the Harry Potter series).



The two of them lived in Tennessee, Arizona, and Missouri and traveled all over the country. Now Miney lives in Pittsburg with her owner, Tim and a Boston Terrier named Rocky.

Miney is a feisty little Yorkie, weighing about 5 pounds. Tim likes to carry her around in his dog carrier and take her for rides in the pull-behind stroller on his bike.

Miney and Tim

Miney and Tim

Miney has had two litters of puppies and you can follow the birth and growth of her last litter in a series of posts.

Miney loves to hear about other small dogs, particularly Yorkies, so if you have a small dog and have stories to share, please contact her by clicking the “Share Your Dog Stories With Us” photo to the right.

Yorkie Puppies Eight Weeks Old

Puppies 9 weeks old

Puppies 9 weeks old

The puppies made it home safely from all their travels at the beginning of their eighth week of life. It’s a good thing Tim took the trip when he did, because the day after he and the puppies got back, the puppies were jumping out of the travel pool. This was both good and bad news. It was bad news because it meant the puppies couldn’t be confined any more, because they were able to climb out of both the blow-up and the regular kiddie pool. But it was good news because, for the first time, the puppies got to be loose in the kitchen/hall area with Miney and Sirius. The photo shows the puppies experiencing their first taste of “freedom” from the confines of a whelping box or kiddie pool.

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Yorkie Puppies Seven Weeks Old

The puppies’ seventh week began with a visit to the vet. It was time for their first set of shots, so we packed the puppies in their travel case and took them to Best Friends Vet Clinic in Crossville, TN. Usually we see Dr. Warlick, but this time we saw Dr. McLothlin. All the puppies were very good. No one even whimpered when they were given their shots.

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Yorkie Puppies Six Weeks Old

Last week we moved the puppies into a kiddie pool because they had grown so large they were climbing out of their whelping box. By week six, they have totally acclimated to their new living quarters and roll and tumble and growl at each other off and on all day. Whenever one of us walks by, they all stampede over to the side of the puppy pool and put their front paws up on the edge so they can get petted.
They are irresistibly cute now.

We put some puppy videos up on YouTube last week and already have nearly a thousand views. And two people have told us they want one of the puppies. So that means just one good home to find in the next few weeks.

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Yorkie Puppies Five Weeks Old

At 5 weeks, the puppies are getting more and more playful, rolling and tumbling and growling at each other in their whelping box. And they are looking more and more like dogs.

They begin scampering to the edge of their box whenever one of us walks by, so they are now noticing people, not just Miney. And whenever you put your hand into the box, they will run over and start licking your hand and sucking on your fingers. You can feel their little teeth coming in. It feels gummy and prickly on your fingers at the same time.

Miney has started teaching them manners. She will take one of her bones or a kibble of food into the box with her and when one of the puppies comes over and tries to see what she has, she snaps at it. She is teaching them to respect bigger dogs.

It won’t be long before they need to be moved to an area with higher walls because they are looking like they could climb out of their whelping box any day.

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Yorkie Puppies Four Weeks Old

week4-1By Day 22, the three puppies are growing bigger so quickly that it seems like they grow right before our eyes. They are getting steadier on their feet and are walking now. But they are still wobbly. After five or ten minutes of being awake, growling, playing, and biting on each other, the puppies will collapse into a huddle again and sleep for an hour or so. Then it’s time  for more food, more pooping, and more play. This cycle repeats itself over and over all day long.

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Yorkie Puppies Three Weeks Old

week3_16_days_Hoss_eyesBy Day 15, the two girl puppies had opened their eyes, but the biggest puppy, the male, was still blissfully unaware that there is a big wide world out there to see.

This was a big surprise, because we thought he would be the first one to open his eyes, since he was the biggest at birth. The biggest puppy at birth is usually the one who was conceived first and has a few days head start on the others.

For more photos and two videos of the puppies’ third week, GO HERE.

Yorkie Puppies Two Weeks Old

Puppies at 9 days old

Puppies at 9 days old

By days 8 and 9, the puppies are growing unbelievably fast. About all they do is wiggle, squirm, squeak, eat, sleep, and poop. Miney takes care of the poop and of cleaning the puppies. (Thank goodness!)

Go here to see a montage of photos of the puppies during their second week.

Yorkie Puppies One Week Old

week1_Tim_shockThe first couple of days after the puppies were born were uneventful. All they did was sleep and eat. But on the third day, they needed their tails docked and dewclaws removed, so we took the whelping box full of puppies and Miney to the vet.

Last time we had this done, Tim and Elle were living in Sedona, AZ, and the vet there seemed to take fifteen minutes with each puppy and it was agonizing to be sitting in the waiting room hearing them yelp while the vet was working on them. Then, when we got them home, they continued to cry for the rest of the day. So we weren’t looking forward to going through the procedure again, but, in order to conform to breed standards, it had to be done.

One of the reasons Tim brought the dogs to Tennessee for the puppies to be born is that there is a wonderful small animal vet in Crossville named Anthony Warlick that we have grown to trust. Dr. Warlick saved Sirus’ life when he nearly died of hypoglycemia as a puppy as a result of another vet’s misdiagnosis.

So, the puppies went to Dr. Warlick when they were three days old. The picture on the left shows Tim and Miney anxiously waiting while Dr. Warlick removed the puppies’ dewclaws and docked their tails. http://www.mini-yorkie.com/puppies1.html.

Three Yorkie Puppies are Born

xrayThis post is the first in a series about the birth of Miney’s puppies. You can follow along week by week as the puppies grow up and find new homes. Tim or his friend Elle are narrating:

My mini-yorkie female, Hermione, was bred starting on January 1. According to the timing of her last litter, her due date should have been March 3 (62 days) .

I made plans to take her to the home of my friend Elle who was a dog breeder at one time so she could help me with the delivery of the pups. Just to be on the safe side, I drove to Elle’s place in Tennessee with Hermione and Sirius on February 24, which was day 54.

I set up Miney’s whelping box with a heating pad covered with towels, then we began the process of taking her temperature twice a day. We were looking for a drop in temperature from 101 degrees to around 99 degrees, which usually means the puppies will come within 24 hours.

On Tuesday, February 26, we took Miney to the vet to be x-rayed to see how many puppies there were. I thought there might be four or five, because Miney was so huge, but the x-ray showed three puppies. You can see their skulls circled in red in the photo to the left.

Little did I know that Miney had a surprise in store for us . Read more about the birth of the puppies here.

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