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bigstock-dog-Dachshund-in-glasses-clos-19453334We’re looking for people who either currently own a small breed dog or have owned one in the past who would like to write original, humorous  and informative articles that we will post on this site.

We have two goals — the first is for the Tiny Miney website to produce outstanding and useful content that reaches small dog lovers from all different backgrounds and covers a wide range of topics related to owning and loving a small dog. Our second goal is to make the Tiny Miney site a community where people can share ideas, stories, and new products they find. We only want and will only publish quality insights created by writers who have personal experience with small dogs.

Whatever we publish of your writing will reach thousands of small dog lovers and perhaps even be the start of a blog, website, or business of your own.

We’re also hoping that as the site takes off, we can create a generous pay structure that will reward you for your time and effort. If you write an entry that is thoughtful, well-written, and contains information that is helpful to small dog owners, we will publish it. If you submit articles consistently, we will help you compile them and publish them as a book and share the profit with you, depending on the amount of work we have to put into the project.

In fact, if you have a book idea you want to publish as either an e-book, Kindle book, or regular paperback book, we can help you with that.

For some of you, that might just be a starting point for an ongoing relationship Tiny Miney. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the best writers who earn the biggest readership, and we’ll be offering writer contracts to the best of the best. And that can lead to even bigger things.

Now, for the fine print.


In order to post with us, you must agree that your submissions to are original, that you have the right to submit them for publication, and that they are either exclusive to or cross-posted only from a personal blog or website. You must also agree to allow us to do light editing on your work. You will be allowed to preview the edited version of any document of yours before it is published on our site.

Legal Copyright Stuff

You are not surrendering your copyright to your work by writing for, but by submitting content you are granting an unlimited, irrevocable, and perpetual license to republish, syndicate, and make derivative works out of anything you publish on our site.

Ethical Stuff

Your contributions, like all content on, should be tasteful and appropriate for a general audience. We will not publish anything we deem offensive, unethical, controversial, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate. Also, although you can refer to your business, services, website, or blog in your writing, we will not publish anything that is a blatant advertisement for your products or services. However, if you have created a helpful product that would be useful for small dog lovers, if we feel it is worthwhile, we will help you market it.

Formatting stuff

Try to keep your articles within the 750 to 1500 word range. Please submit your documents in Microsoft Word, Open Office, Wordperfect, or plain .txt format.  Also add any images you’d like to be included. Be sure to include the name you want used on the published work, and your contact information (email, physical address, phone number).

Subject Matter

We’d like articles in these categories:

  • Small dog care and training
  • Puppy care and training
  • Tips and tricks for an enjoyable relationship between you and your dog
  • Help for small dog owners
  • Product reviews – review the product and tell how you used it effectively
  • Best breeds and breeders
  • Different requirements for different small dog breeds
  • A Day in the Life with a small breed dog
  • Stories told from the dog’s perspective

If you do comic strips or other graphics, we’d be interested in posting those also.

That’s about it!

Now you’re ready to get started! You may email your articles to me at Please put “article for website” in the subject line.

May God richly bless you and your precious dog!

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